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A Sigh of Relief

It felt good to not have to smell a smog of cigarette smoke throughout the house, it felt good to be able to sleep without thinking someone was going to burn the house down in the middle of the night and it felt good not to hear the crack of a fresh beer every five minutes or the clinking of ice in a glass.  The best part of all, was that I was not afraid to walk around the house and I was not afraid of being stared down with every move I made and criticized for everything I did.

While I felt sad that in a way, my father was gone, I still felt a sense of relief and that a huge weight was taken off my shoulders as there was a lot less worry in my mind.  However, the wrath of my father was not over as he made sure he would get in his last word.

Starting late the night we moved (after we had gone to bed) the drunken text messaging began.  As I have said before, my father takes texting to a whole other level.  My father sent me texts starting around 5:00 PM and they did not stop until around 11:30 pm that night (25 text messages).  I did not respond because I did not want to fuel his fire, I figured all of the messages were going to be filled with hate.  Plus, I feel that I have already said my peace with him whether he remembers it or not.



New Furnishings

No that my dad had my mom’s money and the house all to himself, he decided it was time to buy “new furnishings” (so he later called it).  I was at work one day – at the time I worked at a warehouse loading and unloading trucks – and I remember having a pretty bad sinus infection that day.  It was so bad, I was trying to get off work early so I could get some rest.

In the middle of my sift, my request to leave work early was turned down because they needed me to work overtime.  Great, stuck at work for another eight hours!  I was not happy about this, but, it was what it was and had to be done.  On top of the bad news I received from my supervisor, my father sent me a text message that said “hey, just went and bought a new computer desk, could you swing by after work and help me bring it in from the car?”.

It is not like I did not want to help my dad, I was already miserable as it was and was in for a LONG day at work.  So, I replied “I can’t I’m already pushing 12 hours and I’m sick as [insert explative]…if you can leave it in the car for a few days, I will be on that side of town in a few days, I will be able to help you then”.  Mind you, I lived 45 minutes away from my dad and my work was a half hour from his house as well – I did not feel well enough to even do my job let alone drive over to my father’s to lift yet another heavy box.

My father was not happy about my response.  After my answer to his question, I received a string of text messages from him saying that he was disappointed in me and that I should be ashamed of myself for not helping my father, he called me a liar about being sick and called me a liar about working that day.  He also said he is not able to buy “new furnishings” without his family letting him down.

Like all of these text messages would convince me to change my mind about driving out of my way to help him.  I ended up ignoring his text messages and going straight home from work to sleep.