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First Week Back

The first day my mother was gone, I thought for sure this would be the day my father started to drink again.  But, he seemed to be pretty active.  He not only cleaned the house, but he was whistling while he cleaned.  I told my girlfriend, I was surprised because I have not heard him whistle in a very long time.  I thought this could be a good sign.

After he cleaned, he went shopping to buy all the things he claimed he needed when he was out of state.  Including, a few items of clothing, a new wireless router for his computer and some other toiletries he needed at home.   I remember thinking to myself “aand he needed all of this when he was gone? These items were the necessities that he demanded he needed to buy?  What would he have done with his wireless router in a different state?”

Oh yeah, there was one more thing he bought on his “shopping spree”: a 6-pack of beer.  Of course, I did not notice he bought the beer because it must have been hidden.  I did not notice the beer in the fridge until the next morning when I saw an empty beer bottle and 5 beers in the fridge.  Just as I was about to have some inkling of faith in my father, he went and did something like this.  Of course he waited until my mom could not turn around to com back and pick him up.

Anyway, I figured, it was just one beer.  My girlfriend had a different opinion.  She told me not to get my hopes up and that one beer will turn into more.  While in the back of my mind, I knew this was more than likely the outcome of the week, I still tried to be optimistic – this was on a Monday – I thought I would watch what my dad’s next move was throughout the week.

On Tuesday, I found that my father was spending his time between applying for jobs and watching TV.  This day, he drank 2 beers.

Wednesday, he drank 3 beers – the 6 pack was gone and he did not refill it until Thursday.

Thursday, my father bought a 15 pack of beer.  Out of this case, he drank 4….are you starting to see a pattern here?