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“Migraines” from Drinking?

I never knew my father had a problem with “migraines” until about five years ago.  My father claimed that these “migraines” were the reason he could not sleep at night.  In fact, he claimed that the “migraines” were so bad that could not work.

So, he started taking days off work.

On his days off, he would sleep in and then get back on the couch to drink away his “migraines”.  He still stuck to his story that drinking helped get rid of his “migraines”.  His story grew into this: the migraines would keep him awake at night (which is why he could not sleep) and he “had” to drink more so he could get rid of the “migraines” so he would be able fall asleep.

I would like to point out that my father worked at a place that had strict and specific attendance policies.  So, once he started getting in trouble for taking so many days off, he started using his vacation days one day at a time.  His vacation days quickly ran out and my father was running out of ways he could get off work.

This is when he decided take full advantage of his “migraines” and use them as an excuse to take take a medical leave of absence from his job.  Funny thing is, he never spoke of “migraines” during his whole four months off of work. Why?  I do not know.  But, I am pretty sure it was because he had free reign to drink all day…again.