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“Rescue Attempts”

The calls did not let up as the weeks passed by.  My father grew more persistent about trying to get me to come and pick him up.  The longer that was away from his house where he could drink freely the more the calls I received.  I would get calls from as early as 7:00a.m. to as late as 10:00p.m..  He was trying as hard as he could to get me to drive to another state to pick him up.

He tried every excuse in the book for me to pick him up.  From making up appointments that he had with doctors for his “migraines” – saying he could not miss the appointment, to trying to bribe me by offering me money.  A few times, he mentioned how he was going to get on a bus that would take him home.  He like to point out that it was an 18 hour bus trip that would drop him in a completely unsafe part of town, as if he was trying to make me feel guilty or feel bad about this.  I knew he was not going to get on a bus and come home and I felt he needed to stay there and get better.

Apparently, I was not alone, he was also trying to get anybody that would answer his calls to come and “rescue” him.  But, everyone else turned him down – they knew what was going on and wanted him to get better as well – as they did not want to be the one to pick him up and ruin his chances of staying sober.

In the beginning of the fourth week, his constant attempts to get me to pick him up suddenly stopped.  Two entire days had passed by before I heard from him.  However, when I did hear from him, I was disappointed to hear what he had to say.  He had given me the news that he would be coming back home in just a few short days.  He claimed that he felt great and his time away has shown him that he did not need to drink.

This time, I did not buy into his claims this time.  I took everything that he said with a grain of salt.   I was fully prepared for yet another failed rehabilitation.  I guess that I would find out soon enough if my suspicions were valid.