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The Aftermath

It is now after 2 a.m.  My girlfriend and I had to be up in about five hours to be able to get ready and go to the wedding on time.  Subtract an hour from that and that is the time we woke up to pack our car with all the essentials we would need for a few days to hold us over until we could move the rest of our things out of the house.   With the car packed, and the dog in the backseat, we took our dog to my girlfriend’s mom’s house and left for the wedding.  We had to push the fiasco that we had been through to the back of our minds until the wedding was over.

This was quite a task for us to do because the looming sense that we did not have a place to go was hung over our heads all day.  I finally decided to call my brother, who told us we could come stay with him.  Thank God!  At least we had a place to go.  Now to deal with the rest of the wedding’s festivities.

At the end of the night, my girlfriend and I ended up crashing on my brother’s couch until the next morning, where we would figure out what to do next.  I was not mad at my father, as I had said my peace and found out how he felt (whether in a drunken stupor or not, I feel that some of the horrible things he had said the night before were somewhat true.  Especially since I have heard him say those things sober before).

All I knew is that my father will not quit drinking.  I can only hope that one day he manages to find his way to sobriety.


One Rainy Night Part V

After he shrugged off my pleas for him to get help I started to get angry at the fact that he was not listening to me.  I asked him why he did not take this seriously and he said that he was trying to quit drinking.  So, I reminded him about how he thought he was dying just a few weeks ago and after being in the hospital for a few days he asked me if I could stop at the store so he could get some beer.  “That’s not trying!”  I told him.

He interrupted me and said he was not in the hospital for a few days, he claimed he was there for over a week.  That right there proved to me that his condition was worse than I thought it was to begin with because it was apparent he did not have any reference of time.

I brought up a few other things I thought my father should consider like the fact that he blames all of his misery on everyone else and that I will not tolerate him talking badly about me, my girlfriend or my dog anymore.  I told him that as long as he is drinking, I can not be around him.  I told him that he needs to make a choice between his family and alcohol.

“Well, I’m not gonna quit drinking.”

“That’s all I needed to hear.”