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The Root of the Problem

My dad started to go to the doctors to get to the “root” of his “migraines”.  He was pretty adamant that he really had these migraines and I never knew, and still do not know to this day, whether or not he really knew that his migraines were hangovers or if he was just a really good actor.

My dad went to three different doctors who all prescribed him different medications that all did not work.  Since the medications did not work, my dad stuck to his usual remedy – beer and whiskey.  It was a never ending cycle.  The more he drank, the worse his migraines; the worse his migraines, the more he drank.  My dad was getting worse than he ever was before.

This is when he started to blame my mom.  I’m sure he blamed my mom before, but now he was blaming her more openly.  His favorite story, that he told me on more than one occasion, was that his doctor told him that my mom was the cause of his migraines.

Ever since then, it wasn’t the mass amounts of alcohol that he drank or the annoying customers at work that caused the migraines, it was my mom’s fault…