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On His Own Again

After my dad filed for divorce, my mom moved out of the rental house and in with my grandmother, out of state.  This left my dad alone – again – with his thoughts and his whiskey.  This time, my father did not have a job.

He did however, have two sources of income.

1. Unemployment from his job

2. Half of my mom’s severance package she took when she left her job (which happened right before my father moved in to the rental house with her).

These two sources of income were how he was able to say in the rental house and pay his bills.  How he got the unemployment after quitting his job and taking so many days off work, I do not know.  As for my mom’s severance package, she just decided to give him half so they could have a quick and painless divorce.  She claimed that it was half of my father’s money, anyway.  I did not feel like he deserved one cent.

Even though I was not directly involved in the conflict between my dad, brother and mom, I still found it hard to speak to my father.  He was acting completely irrational and out of control that night (and a few days following) and that was the point when I knew things were not going to go back to normal.

When I mean normal, I mean the lifestyle my parents were trying to live right before my dad started this whole debacle…