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An Explanation

When I asked my father if any day was a good day, I also asked what would happen when I lived there…would it be a good day for me to live there?  Will I have to leave if it is a bad day?  He replied, “no, I guess not” and after that, he never talked about good or bad days again, so I thought that maybe he reconsidered.  However, the next time I came over to bring some things, he sat my girlfriend and I down give us an explanation about his “migraines” were and how they made him feel.

Like we had not heard this before, we sat down and talked to him for a few hours about how his “migraines” would hurt so bad that he could not sleep or do anything all day because they made him incapable of performing any “basic task” (as he put it).  He then told us that that is the reason why he has to drink, not only because the “migraines” are so bad but because the medicine his doctor gave him does not work .

He then proceeded to explain to us about how he had such a tough life and was going through a tough time right now because of things that had happened in his life.  He mostly spoke of the past and his relationships with others in my family.  It seemed to me that he was stretching the truth a little too thin and was exaggerating everything to the fullest extent.  To be honest,  he was being pretty over-dramatic with everything he talked about.  It was like he wanted me to feel sorry for him and accept his drinking.



The Truth Behind Migraines

My father’s story was this:  “migraines” came from him having to deal with whining people all day at work.  These “migraines” were so bad that they prevented him from sleeping so he had to stay up late so he could drink to get rid of the migraines.  From him having to stay up late, he could not wake up in time for work.  He basically self diagnosed himself and then self medicated himself with alcohol thinking the alcohol could cure his “migraines”, or so he said.

In my opinion, I feel like there could have been a few realistic explanations for his migraines.

1.  He could have had a hangover from a whole night’s worth of drinking.

2. He could have been experiencing symptoms of withdrawal from not drinking all day.

3. He did not have migraines at all and said he did so he could have an excuse to sit down and drink all day.

If I had to place a bet on the reality of the situation, I would say the “migraines” were hangovers and he use the old adage that you need to drink to get rid of a hangover.  He told people he had to drink to get rid of the “migraines” so no one would question him and no one would bother him to do anything.  This way, he had more free time to drink.

“Migraines” from Drinking?

I never knew my father had a problem with “migraines” until about five years ago.  My father claimed that these “migraines” were the reason he could not sleep at night.  In fact, he claimed that the “migraines” were so bad that could not work.

So, he started taking days off work.

On his days off, he would sleep in and then get back on the couch to drink away his “migraines”.  He still stuck to his story that drinking helped get rid of his “migraines”.  His story grew into this: the migraines would keep him awake at night (which is why he could not sleep) and he “had” to drink more so he could get rid of the “migraines” so he would be able fall asleep.

I would like to point out that my father worked at a place that had strict and specific attendance policies.  So, once he started getting in trouble for taking so many days off, he started using his vacation days one day at a time.  His vacation days quickly ran out and my father was running out of ways he could get off work.

This is when he decided take full advantage of his “migraines” and use them as an excuse to take take a medical leave of absence from his job.  Funny thing is, he never spoke of “migraines” during his whole four months off of work. Why?  I do not know.  But, I am pretty sure it was because he had free reign to drink all day…again.