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Man of the House

My dad’s new found realization that he was the man of the house and needed to start acting like it took full force.  The only problem was he was obviously not in the proper state of mind to be the head of anything.

Luckily, I had already moved out just before he arrived.  It was about two months after my dad had moved in when things took a turn for the worse…again.  His drinking became more intense for longer periods of time and he would start arguments with my brother every so often.

He would get angry with my brother fro not doing what he said.  Like, how my brother would not take out the trash, mow the lawn and skip out on other chores.  He would then get angry at my mom, because she would tell my dad to lay off my brother because he had a job and he worked all day.

This would aggravate my father and only cause him to drink more.  He would always be in a bad mood because my mom “always took my brother’s side”.  Let’s face it, my brother had a tough job at the place where he worked and he would come home, tired, every day while my dad would be watching TV all day.  But, still, it angered my dad that my mom would stick up for my brother.

Finally, the day came where my dad blew up.