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The Story of the Distressed Animal

A few weeks into living with my father, my girlfriend and I decided we needed a break.  So, we went to visit my girlfriend’s aunt who lives about 3 hours away near a lake so we could have a mini vacation.  We had a great weekend only to come home to see that our living area had been rummaged through.

To start, the bedroom doors, that we left closed, were wide open.  The closet doors in each of the 2 rooms we had in our living space were open and some of our belongings that we had put away before we left were out of their place.  We did not know why my father had gone through our things, but the story he told us was so out of the ordinary that we knew he made it up.

When we came home in the middle of the day, my father was passed out.  When I went downstairs to grab a water, my father was up and about his drinking.  The first thing he said to me was “If you notice that anything was out of place in your rooms, I had the police come through the house when you were gone”.  Okkk? That’s a little awkward.  So I asked what happened.

My father’s story is as follows:  He claimed he was watching a baseball game on TV when he heard what he thought could have been a distressed human or animal in the wall behind him.  After hearing the noise a few times he decided to call the police.  He said the police came into the house and after they heard the noise, they decided to search all the rooms in the house.

After speaking to a neighbor who spends most of her evenings outside in the summer, we asked her if she saw any police cars at the house over the weekend.  She said she did not.

Still, to this day, I do not know if the story is real or not.  If I had to bet, my father had run out of alcohol at an inconvenient time, meaning he could not get it delivered and he was too drunk to drive anywhere, so he decided to look through our stuff in hopes that we were hiding alcohol.  To this day, I do not believe the story is real.