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Random Divorce Ultimatum

So, the day came when he kicked my brother out.  My brother had lost his job earlier in the week, took a few days off for himself and started to look for a job right after that.

A few days later, my dad walked into the computer room and my brother was looking for jobs on the internet.  My dad started on my brother about how he needed to find a job, and how he was a loser for losing his job.  When my brother said, “I am looking for a job, right as we speak”, my dad blew up.

My dad started a HUGE argument with my brother and when my mom came to break things up, my dad started yelling at her.  Because my dad was yelling at my mom, my brother started yelling back at him.  That is when my dad kicked my brother out of the house and that’s not even the crazy part…

That night, my dad told my mom to choose between “her” son and him.  My mom told him he could not ask her to do a thing like that (who would actually choose?).  She also said, there is no way she would not see her son anymore, and she went to bed.  The next morning, my father filed for a divorce, not just a separation, a real divorce.

When I talked to my dad about this, he said he filed for divorce to see how my mom would respond.  He said he needed to know if she would really choose him and he claimed it was a “test” for her.  My mom, unaware of his games, just decided to sign the papers and give him what he wanted.  She said, “if he wants a divorce, then I guess that’s what we will do, but I am not choosing between my son and my husband”.