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The Lease is Up

It had already been a year of my dad living on his own.  Within a month or so, his lease on his apartment was up.  This was the time when my dad really started to suck up to my mom.  I feel like he did this because he was tired of going to work every day to keep up with all his responsibilities he had from living on his own.

Like I said before, he needed my mom.  In his terms, this was his way to “get back with her”, he claimed he had changed, he was “better” now.  What he really meant was that he really wanted to get back to drinking ALL day and he wanted to live with my mom so he did not have to worry about responsibilities anymore.

So, the time came when my dad’s lease on his apartment was up.  He took his usual “medical leave of absence” so he could get ready for the move.  The only problem here is, my dad never went back to work after that.  He stuck to his same old ritual of sitting on the couch and drinking all day long and soon enough, he quit his job.

At this point, he seemed to be wrapped up in having my mom take care of him.  I am assuming that he quit his job for the simple fact that if he did not have a job, my mom would not kick him out.  When his theory was confirmed, he started to try and take charge of the household.