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Alcohol Induced Anxiety

A year and a half after my dad lost his job, he finally found another one.  A job that entailed a high level of interaction with the public.  I am pointing this out because the year he had off entailed a lot of seclusion from the outside world.  The daily interactions with the public made my dad develop anxiety problems.

The anxiety plus the pressure he felt from dealing with the public pretty much guaranteed that he would come straight home from work (from an afternoon shift), right to his favorite chair so he could start drinking right away.  Of course he justified this as a way to calm his nerves, I knew better.  I knew he missed his days “off” drinking whenever he wanted.

Even though he was back to work, his sleeping habits did not change as he stayed up late because of his “sleeping problem”.  So, from this point on, his daily routine included staying up late drinking, sleeping a few hours a night until he had to get ready for work, working with the public and coming home to drink and repeat the cycle again.

This went on for about five years.  Then, the “migraines” started.