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The Truth Behind Migraines

My father’s story was this:  “migraines” came from him having to deal with whining people all day at work.  These “migraines” were so bad that they prevented him from sleeping so he had to stay up late so he could drink to get rid of the migraines.  From him having to stay up late, he could not wake up in time for work.  He basically self diagnosed himself and then self medicated himself with alcohol thinking the alcohol could cure his “migraines”, or so he said.

In my opinion, I feel like there could have been a few realistic explanations for his migraines.

1.  He could have had a hangover from a whole night’s worth of drinking.

2. He could have been experiencing symptoms of withdrawal from not drinking all day.

3. He did not have migraines at all and said he did so he could have an excuse to sit down and drink all day.

If I had to place a bet on the reality of the situation, I would say the “migraines” were hangovers and he use the old adage that you need to drink to get rid of a hangover.  He told people he had to drink to get rid of the “migraines” so no one would question him and no one would bother him to do anything.  This way, he had more free time to drink.