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Next In Line

Living on his own again took a toll on my father.  I feel like this is the part where he started to lose his mind.  Of course he was upset about the divorce and he would always cry about how “my mom left him”.  How he was so upset about this, I do not know –  HE is the one who filed for divorce!

So, my dad would cry about losing my mom, losing their house, the “incident” with my brother, and whatever else was happening that day or five years ago.  Everyone he loved was moving away from him – but there was one person he still had who was relatively close: ME.  He would always call me when he was drunk to talk about things and he would send me text messages that only had bitter things to say about my mom.

Once again, it was funny that he would say bad things about my mom because of course she was still sweet as pie to my father after the divorce.  Even though she was out of state, my mom told me she would talk to my dad all the time and they act like nothing happened.  Knowing my parents, this was probably true.  They still wanted to be together, but they were divorced and my mother said she would not get back with him until he stopped drinking.

Even though things were good between him and my mom, I was the closest person to him which made me the next in line to feel the wrath of my drunk father.