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More Free Time to Drink

I stayed under the assumption that my father was a just a “normal guy” until i was around sixteen or seventeen years old.  I believe that it was during my junior year of high school when I started to really think something was wrong.

Around this time, my dad lost his job.  It seemed that everything during this time period was a little extra stressful.  Of course it was stressful for both my parents as my mom had tried to work as much overtime as she could and my dad would stay indoors all day working on his resume and applying for jobs.  Oftentimes, doing all of this with a glass of whiskey right by his side.

As time passed, my dad started to get more used to the “at home life” and slowly started developing new sleeping habits.  Sleeping habits that led to new drinking habits.  Slowly, he started staying up later and sleeping in later.  He would also start to have the occasional mid-day drink when he would watch television.

During this time claimed to have trouble sleeping.  He would tell me that he did not know what was wrong, he would just toss and turn until he gave up trying to sleep, so he retreated to the couch.  Of course this “retreat” included having a few drinks.  He claimed that the drinking helped him to fall asleep.

I feel that I really tried to avoid the issues at home the best that I could.  I started working a part time job, I played baseball, spent time with friends and even started a band with my friends.  I did all that I could to avoid home like it was the plague.


Questioning My Dad’s Drinking Habits

When I got older and my bedtime was later, I became more aware of my father’s drinking habits.  Since I did not have to go to bed so early, I noticed that my dad refilled his tall cocktail glass more than a few times a night.

I started to question to myself whether this was considered normal.  As I thought about answers, I thought about my friend’s stepfather, who I knew to be an alcoholic.  My friend’s stepfather would openly drink several drinks, even through the daytime.  He also demonstrated erratic behavior.   I remember thinking to myself “my dad is not like that guy, my dad is not an alcoholic.”  In comparison to my friend’s stepfather, my dad seemed normal.

So, there was my answer.  My dad was not an alcoholic, he just had a few cocktails every night before he went to bed.  It did not seem like anything to worry about.   My dad went about his every day life, just like everyone else.  He had a steady job ,never missed work, never acted like a different person, never went to a bar, he was never abusive, the list can go on about how his drinking did not seem to effect his every day life.  The list can go on about why I did not see that he did not have a drinking problem.

All I knew is he was not like the alcoholics like I saw on TV and he was not like my friend’s stepfather.  To me, he was not an alcoholic.