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Reorganizing His Drinking Schedule

Soon enough my father started to drink during the day time little by little.  Eventually, he just gave up on being productive and would drink at every waking moment.  He started to pass out during the day or in the middle of the night or whenever the alcohol would take him over.  He would black out on the couch and wake up at random times only to drink more.

This is when I started to see a pattern and realized that maybe he did go to “rehab” so he could be a functional alcoholic opposed to quitting all together.  You see, when he returned from each rehab trip he would be productive during the day, it was like he was “normal”.  He would finish whatever tasks he had to do for the day and then sit down and start drinking, but would drink only a few drinks.

Maybe the first time when he decided to go to rehab, he decided to go because he realized that he was being taken over by his drinking habits and he needed a quick fix to lessen the severity of his addiction.  That may have worked before but this time, the effects from “rehab” did not last as long as they did the first time.

This time, he had fewer and fewer tasks to get done and would start drinking more and earlier into the day.   He would eventually start to get his days mixed up because of the random times he would pass out and wake up.  Because of this he started to forget what day it was and it seemed like he forgot he had any responsibilities at all.

He was now starting to drink all day as well as all night within a few short weeks (instead of a couple of months down the line like the last time), and he would only go to sleep (opposed to blacking out) when he was out of alcohol so he could sober up to drive to the store and restock the fridge.