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The Calm Before the Storm

Right before my father divorced my mother, and even before moved into the rental home with my mother, my mother quit her job so she could concentrate on a career change.  Her job gave her a tremendous severance package that would give her the ability to do so on a limited budget.

When my father moved in, my parents were talking about canceling their separation and moving on with their lives.  So, they started to look for a new home so they could start this “new life” together.  In fact, they found the perfect home for them.

My mom was so excited about how things were going, she was excited that her family was back together, she was excited about going back to school, she was excited about the house, even excited about the pool and the front loading washer and dryer that came with the house.

Then, as you know, my father filed divorce.  Coincidentally, he filed for divorce the day before they were about to close on the house that my mom was so excited about getting.  I do not know if this was supposed to be a direct stab at my mother for trying to better her life, or if my father was so afraid of change for the better.  If I think about it, it seems that a change for the better would mean that maybe things would be OK in his life for once and he would not have an excuse to sit around and drink all day.