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Special Delivery

My father continued to drink all day and all night and pretty soon, he would not even go to the store to buy alcohol.  How did he continue to drink all day without going to buy it at the store himself, you ask?  Well,  “conveniently” for my father, the liquor store at the corner of our street actually delivered the alcohol to his doorstep.  Can you imagine that?  The store itself delivered my father his daily fix every morning.  As soon as they opened their doors, my father would call them up and tell them to bring it by.

This made me extremely angry.  How is it that a liquor store does not notice that a person who wants beer and whiskey delivered to his house every day at 9 am has a problem? I always wondered at what point do they assume some type of responsibility?  Are they allowed to cut him off or refuse service as a bartender can when a customer is blatantly and belligerently drunk?  If they are, they should not be able to serve someone who regularly orders the same thing day in and day out.  I knew they knew him, and I know they knew him quite well.  I know this from a personal experience I am ashamed to admit to anyone.