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Tension in the Air

One creepy evening, after spending some time in the basement watching TV,  my girlfriend and I thought my father had gone to sleep which was our cue to sneak back upstairs to where we stayed.

This night, however, we misjudged the silence and as I turned the corner from the basement stairs, I saw my father staring at us.  My girlfriend was walking in front of me and as soon as she got to the next set of stairs to go to our living area, my father asked if I could talk to him for a minute.  I was leery about what he could possibly want to talk to me about.

My father began to talk to me about how my girlfriend and I were making it uncomfortable for him in his own house.  He proceeded to talk about how we were making the entire living situation awkward and he did not think he could live like that.  He said something had to change  (I remember thinking, “yeah, you need to stop drinking!”).

He brought up the fact that we walk by him several times a day and ignore him, especially my girlfriend.  He even went as far to say that she was the one who was creating tension around the house and walks around like a “smug, arrogant b***h”.  I had to remind him, once again, that she does a lot for him and he is the one who creepily stares us down.

I told him that when he is drunk, he is creepy.  I said that the reason we do not talk to him is because he is drunk all the time and I did not want to talk to him when he was drunk and did not want my girlfriend to either.  My father just played it off like he did not know what I was talking about.


Alone In the Dark

One night, when we were coming home from my brother’s house, my girlfriend and I were playing our guessing game of “is my dad awake or blacked out?”.  As we approached the house, we saw that all the lights were off and so was the TV was off.  “Whew” he’s asleep.  As we walked in the door to the living room, my father was sitting in the dark.  Alone.  Staring at the TV (once again: that was off) and listening to music off of his cell phone.

The sight of this startled both of us and all I know how to describe this situation as is: creepy.  I remember stopping and staring at my father for a minute or so and the only thing I could manage to force out of my mouth was “hey”, in a confusing tone.  My father just turned his head and stared at us.  I was confused about the reason my father was in the dark in the sense that I did not know the reason why he was in the dark, staring into the blank TV, by himself, with a glass of whiskey and a sappy Country song.  Perhaps there was a power outage and he was listening to music on his phone to pass the time?

However, when we finally made it up the stairs to where we stayed, I flipped the switch and the light turned on.  Creepy.  That is all I could think about.  My brother and I could not find a house soon enough.