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It’s Beginning To Not Feel a Lot Like Christmas

After a few hours of not hearing from my father on Christmas day, my father finally called me.  I took my phone conversation in another room to not worry my mom.  When I asked my dad if everything was alright, he said “no, it’s not”.  He sounded pretty wasted.  I asked him if he had been sleeping and told him of how we (my girlfriend and I) stopped by to visit him.  My dad replied and said “yeah, I heard you knocking”.

I asked “why didn’t you answer the door?”  He said that he just wanted to skip Christmas this year.  When I questioned him about why he wanted to skip Christmas, he went into a rant about how it didn’t feel like Christmas.  He mentioned how my mom wasn’t talking to him (which she had full rights not to) and how my brother was a piece of s**t.  So, I replied “so, in what way does this mean I can’t visit you on Christmas?”

After a few minutes of arguing with him back and forth, I finally got him to tell me why.  He said “to be honest, I am still mad at you.”  Then, he went on about how he was hurt that I wouldn’t come help him move his desk inside.  So, I reminded him that I was sick and on top of that, had to work overtime.  That was still not good enough for him.  I was in complete shock about this because I had talked to him on several occasions between the desk incident and Christmas.

So, I listened to his rant about me not being there for him, I told him I would still like to visit with him and give him his present.  He said “no”.  He then continued on about how he is going to skip Christmas this year and ended the phone call.