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Same Old, Same Old

The car ride home was pretty awkward.  I knew I was taking my father back home so he could pick up right where he left off.  My father continued to talk about the people, how EVERYone else had problems, and he was not like them, he did not have problems….right.

As we got closer to the house, my father asked me if I could stop by the store so he can pick up a case of beer.  Really?

“Are you [insert expletive] serious?!?! You want me to stop and get you alcohol on the drive back from rehab??!” I said… Does he not remember everything that happened a few days ago and why I had to take him to the hospital?

I did not take him to the store, instead I pulled in the driveway and walked into the house.  My father ended up taking the car and driving himself to the liquor store to bring back a case of beer…pathetic!

I could not even look at my father any more.  Seeing him drink completely disgusted me.  About every half hour, I would hear the fresh “crack” of a new beer.  That night, he drank the entire case of beer he bought earlier that day.



A Night Out

BANG BANG BANG! Was the sound I woke up to early one morning around 8:30.  All I could hear from my upstairs bedroom was the sound of someone yelling and pounding their fist on the front door.  Instinctively, I grabbed my baseball bat and went to the front door.  I looked through the eye hole in the door and as my face was close to the door, there was only more pounding, pounding that shook the entire door.

Since the door was shaking, I could not get a good look through the eye hole, so I looked through the glass at the top of the door only to find my father still pounding on the door.  I opened the door and my father was just standing there.  He said to me, “I forgot my keys and locked myself out”.  I was not exactly sure when he initially went outside until I looked out onto the front porch and saw a nearly empty case of beer sitting next to the porch swing.

At some point in the night, my father could have walked to the corner store to buy a case of beer.  Since the corner store closes around 2 am, I’m guessing my father had been outside for quite some time.  All I could do is shake my head and walk back upstairs to start my day.