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I Never Saw It Coming…

My father used to come home from work every night, eat dinner with his family and retire to his favorite chair in front of the television.  This was his relaxation time.  A relaxation time to unwind from the daily grind with a glass of whiskey.

I never thought of this as any different than a daily nightcap or just one daily drink.  In fact, looking on it now, he probably drank more than the one drink I initially thought.

All I can remember is the tall cocktail glass with ice in it.  Just one glass.  It never occurred to me that this glass could be refilled.  It is not like there were beer cans lying around to make me think “dang, he drinks a lot” – the single glass could easily be refilled without my notice.

For one thing, I did not notice because he would drink when was getting ready to go to sleep – when I could not keep tabs on his drinking, even if I wanted to or paid attention enough to keep tabs on his drinking.  For another thing, I did not notice that this was a bad thing.  I thought my dad just had one drink a night, I never thought of looking for signs that he was an alcoholic because I thought one glass of whiskey a day was normal.

As an elementary school kid, I was too young to understand the concept of habits or alcohol abuse.  It was not until later in my high school years that I realized something was off about him drinking so much.  I was much older when I realized, I never saw it coming.