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Accept That You Need to Help Yourself, First

In another excerpt from my book “How to Cope with The Alcoholic in Your Life”, I talk about the importance of placing yourself first and accepting the fact that you need to help yourself, first before you can help the alcoholic in your life.

We have talked about how you cannot help the Alcoholic in Your Life quit drinking until they want to quit drinking – the keyword being, “want”.  Who knows when this time will come?

In the meantime, family members of alcoholics are struggling to deal with their own battles on top of worrying about the alcoholic in their lives, arguing with them and going through very traumatic experiences because of them.

Since we do not know, nor can we tell, when the Alcoholic in Your Life plans on getting help for their addiction, we need to focus on what we do know.  We know that you can help yourself now.

In fact, it is easier to help yourself cope with the situation, first, rather than trying to make the alcoholic want to quit drinking or waiting for them to want to quit drinking.  This way, you can learn to accept that this situation is out of your control.  You can find your own happiness.  You can make the situation more tolerable to deal with.  You can find the normal you have been searching for.

In order to do this, you need to: Create normal in your life, Organize your priorities and make yourself #1, Never enable the Alcoholic in Your Life, create a Thought journal to sort through your problems, Reinforce the normal in your life, Only help when the Alcoholic in Your Life wants to quit and Look for support from those close to you. Or, you need to take CONTROL of your life and your happiness.

Help Yourself Now


Excerpt From “How to Cope with The Alcoholic in Your Life”

Here is an excerpt from my book, entitled “How to Cope With the Alcoholic in Your Life“.

For several years, I have been dealing with my father, the alcoholic in my life.  This has been an experience unlike any other.  I have never had to deal with anything like this before and was unprepared and lost when the everyday situations I had to face started to become more permanent.

When things started to get consistently worse, I realized how completely disturbing it was to see him the way that he was and still is to this day.  It is shocking to see how he acts so different and how I can no longer see my father inside.

At the same time, I realized how his addiction started to affect me in a negative way.  I felt angry, upset, hurt, scared, embarrassed, ashamed, disappointed, you name it!  I was emotionally drained.  So, I took a look at my situation and realized his problem was starting to affect my life, as well as other family members around him that knew about his condition.

I feel like I have been to hell in back with my father and his drinking addiction.  So, after many arguments, hearing him talk badly about others that I love, and many attempts of trying to talk to my father about his problem, all I got from him was: “I drink because I drink”.  Unacceptable.

I searched the internet high and low trying to find ways to help my father quit drinking.  I even tested out a few theories that I found, but still “I drink because I drink” he told me.  I finally gave in, all I could think is “oh great, this does not look like this is ending soon”.

Cope with the Alcoholic in Your Life Today

How to Cope With the Alcoholic in Your Life

How to Cope With the Alcoholic in Your LifeFor anyone who has had to deal with an alcoholic in their lives, my book “How to Cope With the Alcoholic In Your Life“, takes you through the steps I have used to help myself overcome the hardship that is having to have an alcoholic in my life.  Ever since I found out a way to help myself, I have been excited to share the information with others.

In this book, I discuss ways people can help themselves deal with the emotional roller coaster that comes with having an alcoholic around.  I have organized the book into a series of steps that will help you make yourself happier in the process of finding ways to deal with the alcoholic in your life, instead of obsessing about trying to make the alcoholic in your life quit drinking.

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